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Primera Church


“An Oasis of Hope”  

These are exciting days. In the midst of domestic turmoil and world terrorism, God is still Sovereign and Lord of all! He is still Almighty God. So, it is with excitement in our hearts, my wife and I want to welcome you to Primera Church. It is our desire that you experience the presence of the Lord. Let me encourage you to come again and be part of what God is doing at Primera Church of San Angelo. God Bless!

- Pastor Robert & Olga Cuellar

God Strong!

God's Word: Learn it! Love it! Live It! Share It! 

10:00 AM

Sunday Morning
Worship/ Word

Join us for God's Word and fellowship.

Come Praise and Worship with us!

6:30 PM -

7:30 PM

Wednesday Power             Source             

Join us for God's Word and fellowship.

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